This template is for engaged couples who are ready to stand out! If you are looking for a pre-designed website to just add your wedding details to, this is perfect for you! Get ready to share your beautiful site with friends and family!


The Matrimony Template

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The Template Includes:

  • registry PAGE
  • Schedule PAGE
  • gallery PAGE
  • wedding party PAGE
  • rsvp page
  • 404 ERROR PAGE
  • video tutorial

registry PAGE
Schedule PAGE
gallery PAGE
wedding party PAGE
rsvp page
video tutorial

Here's How It Works

1. purchase a template.
2. create an account on showit
3. watch our tutorial to learn how to use your template.
4. begin customizing!

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Showit is a easy-to-use website platform that allows you to easily create designs to host your website. No coding or experience is required. In order to use your template, you will need to purchase and create an account on Showit. Showit is very cool because you have the creative control to create an amazing site that you'll be proud of. Get one month free here!

what is showit, and do i need to purchase an account to use the template?

Most of the fonts included in our template designs are free fonts. Therefore, you will have the ability to use them with your template. You will also have the freedom to swap out fonts in your template design (using Google fonts or purchased fonts).

are the fonts included with the template?

Purchasing a pre-designed template takes all of the guess work out of your website. No need to delay launching! This is perfect for those looking for a cost-effective solution with high-end branding. You will be able to go in and swap out your professional images, videos and text with ease. Our video tutorial will guide you through the back-end of Showit, that provides the best foundation for editing your template. The best part: Showit has a great customer service team to help you with any questions you may have. They always respond within a few hours so you'll get answers quickly, as needed!

We totally understand everyone may not be interested in DIY-ing a template to cater to their brand or business. No worries! We offer a 'Designer-In-A-Day' service where we completely customize a template of your choice (from our shop) in one business week. For more details, click here.

i'm not tech savvy. do you customize templates for clients?

why is a pre-designed template a great option?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You will be able to transfer your domain to Showit. Showit has easy instructions to follow that walks you through the entire process. 

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is there a way to transfer my domain to showit?

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